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In the Conservancy we have three strong prides two of whom are regularly seen by visitors.

The Enkoyanai Pride  consisting 4 Lioness 2 Males and 12 cubs and the Moniko pride of 6 lioness 2 big males, lolpopit and Barnoti and their 14 youngsters share the southern parts of the Conservancy and regularly argue over valuable hunting grounds along their common boundary. These disputes are further complicated by the presence of Mama Kali and Nguru who are two loners who used to be part of the Moniko pride but have been pushed out due to their less than sociable aproach to pride life. Thier sad story is that they work the no mans land between the two prides and try and raise their cubs. Sadly as loaners with out the protection of the pride the cards are stacked against them.

In the North of the Conservancy we have two lesser known prides whos pride teritotries are shown in white lines. The Motorogi pride and Lokuru pride and both are very elusive having operated in Masai livestock teritory for many years. The motorogi pride is thought to number about 5 lioness but have had a low cub survivle rate in the past. The Lokuru pride are 9 Lioness 4 cubs and 2 males. Living with Lions are currently researching this pride and we are laearning a lot more about who they are and their pride hirachy and relationships. This pride are realishing in the protection they are now getting in the Conservancy and are becoming a lot less timmid with vehicles and visitors.

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