The Conservancy land is owned by 277 Maasai, each holding a free hold Title Deed for their parcel of land within the Conservancy. These landowners have formed a partnership with the five tourism operators with the goal of running the Conservancy as a premium destination offering a private and exclusive experience to our visitors, as well as a pool of natural resources essential to the Maasai pastoralist community  and ensures that all is done in an environmentally sustainable manner.


Conservancy management meeting

Olare Motorogi Conservancy is managed through a not-for-profit management company who’s Board of Directors is balanced between tourism operators and landowners thus ensuring that the interests of each are equally looked after in the day to day running of the Conservancy. This partnership is tied together by leases between the individual landowners and a Maasai-owned landholding company and a binding management agreement with the Conservancy Management Company. This gives all parties the security of tenure to invest in the Conservancy and its infrastructure. Today the Conservancy employs  28 community rangers and is giving valuable wildlife management and community leadership experience to an efficient conservancy administration team. We have built workshops and an administration HQ and have four field bases within the Conservancy all equipped with solar power and communication equipment. The Conservancy has invested in two tractors and an array of road-building equipment along with a dam scoop for expanding the Conservancy’s water resources and storage capacity for both its controlled grazing scheme and the wildlife.


Waterhole construction / Laying community water pipeline / Road works








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