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Olare attempts to bring you as close to nature as possible so as to remind you that it really is the beauty of nature, our rich heritage and the multitude of cultures that makes Kenya so special. To signify this we chose the name Olare Ntiakitiak for our camp; the word Olare is the descriptive word the Maasai use to identify an area that is rich in salt and minerals that animals lick so as to gain nutritional value from the earth, Ntiakitiak, another Maasai word, describes the sound of water dripping off black river stones or can loosely be translated as the sound of air being disrupted as an object drops or falls.

With superlative service, a naturally beguiling ambiance and the wonders of the animal kingdom all around you we want your stay with us to be healing, relaxing, adventurous but above all distinctive. At Olare Mara Kempinski the most crucial element within the camp is you and we hope that you enjoy every minute of your stay…



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