“Punk” Cheetah

February, 2011

On the 3rd of February, Kicheche reported a male cheetah with mange near Porini. We alerted Dr Dominic Mijele and he and the KWS team came in to treat him. Could we then find the Cheetah? Nowhere to be seen. Eventually we found him at 4 pm relaxed under a tree on the plains behind Olare. We darted him and KWS took DNA, tick, blood and skin samples to test which form of the parasite he was infected with. The drug that was given to him has been very successful in treating a broad spectrum of mange and Dominic felt that Punk would start recovering in a day or two. Other than the poor condition of his coat and a nasty soar on his front right elbow where he had been gnawing at the itching, Punk was in good body condition and should recover well.

Before . . . .

Afternoon siesta. Note the wound on his front right leg

Taking samples / Chronic mange / Iodine rinse and gentian violet spray

After . . . . . “Punk”

The Conservancy Manager and his wife stayed with him late into the night until he had recovered his legs. We did not want the lion bumping into him and causing any more stress.

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