Narasha injured rear paw

December, 2011

We had been receiving reports one of the Conservancies resident cheetah, Narasha, being harassed with her three young cubs by vehicles in the Reserve and carrying a bad injury on her rear right paw. She made her way to the Southeastern corner of the Conservancy (a favorite haunt of hers). She had lost one of her cubs and we immediately darted her with KWS vet Dominic Mjele and treated a large cut between the pads on her paw. By the nature of the wound we guessed that she had acquired it from a pice of discarded  glass or metal. She was given a dose of long lasting antibiotics and the wound cleaned and treated.

We spent that night protecting a groggy Narasha and her cubs from 18 members of the Moniko pride, who had by chance decided that they wanted to also visit the same corner of the Conservancy. It took considerable effort by ourselves and Mara Plains Camp management to distract and persuade the Monico pride that there were other areas of the Conservancy of more interest.

Narasha was monitored closely over the next three weeks as her paw healed and she once again started to hunt larger prey. Unfortunately she lost her remaining cubs to Hyaena.

Narasha and her two cubs the morning after her encounter with the vet

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