Wildlife rescues

The Conservancy has over the past 5 years built up a very good relationship with the Kenya Wildlife Service vetinerary team. Dr Mjele is the KWS vet based in the Maasai Mara and has a huge area of responsability, but never hesitates to attend to a wildlife distress call. Dr Mjele’s team use the Conservancies’ Rangers for all assistance passing on invaluable experience on wildlife handling not normally felt by our landowner community.

Over the years we have attended to many elephant who by their very nature can’t help getting into trouble in the community lands beyond our boundaries and then come into the Conservancy to be patched up and treated. Most of these cases involve spears and arrows picked up whilst crop raiding. A few involve the more sinister motive of ivory poaching, these cases rarely have a happy ending as they inevitably succumb to lethal wounds.

With wildlife events not everything goes to plan and our relationship with KWS has undergone its fair share of tests. The young cow elephant above had collected a very fetching hairpiece, and although the spear did not appear to be bothering her, it did need attending to. We placed our Rangers on watch over the herd whilst KWS flew an emergency vet to the scene from Nairobi. We then went in as a team to seperate her from the rest of the herd only to find that she had vanished. We searched the herd and suroundings for hours but she had given all of us the slip. A few days later we identified her back with the herd minus her fashion accessory and can only presume that she managed to remove it on her own.

We have treated Cheetah with mange and sore paws, Giraffe with snares and  lion with an assortment of wounds both inflicted whilst fighting or arrows picked up when venturing too close to Maasai livestock.

The Conservancy has a policy of community empowerment and takes every opportunity to raise school children’s awareness of possible future careers in surrounding wildlife conservation. So when we have the chance, KWS speak to our community children and let them participate where possible.


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