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The Conservancy fully supports a collaborative approach with regards to all research that is relevant to sustaining its ecosystem for the benefit of the pastoralist landowners and their coexistence with the resident wildlife. This is born from the belief that well founded research backing local and traditional knowledge combined with a creative approach to the problems facing conservation is a way of tailoring long term solutions that guarantee the survival of such a diverse and unique ecosystem.

Currently the Conservancy hosts Living with Lions who monitor lion populations across the region. Their data and knowledge of pride relationships, habits and territories are essential to the Conservancy’s management team when planning the Conservancy’s controlled grazing. Shortly this knowledge of our prime predator is going to be expanded with the hosting of ┬áthe Mara Predator project on the Conservancy to study Cheetah and the problems facing their survival in the Mara ecosystem. As with Living with Lions the Predator project will work closely with the Conservancy management and local communities in finding solutions to help guarantee their survival. This project in time will be expanded to cover the more prominent predators in the ecosystem.

With this supportive approach to research the Conservancy has also facilitated data collection on Vulture population and migration routes, Wildebeest collaring to study movement habits of the lesser known Loita migration, Antelope communication, Nutritional values of natural grass land as fodder for wildlife and livestock and Socio economic studies on the effects and economic benefits of conservation on pastoral communities. The management team is always open to giving informal talks to visiting students from universities across the world who want to hear more and fire questions of their own, after all it is only by blowing a trumpet that you are able to fine tune it!

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