It's the time of plenty on the conservancy and around the greater Mara. The Loita migration are still here, there have been some big rain around the area with around 50 mm in the past 24 hours. Many of the migrant birds have arrived including bee-eaters, harriers, steppe eagles and storks.
Finally the majority of the wildebeest cows are giving birth. There are little animals across many species scattered around the plains.
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3 months ago  ·  

This young male lion was found this morning carrying half a wildebeest towards the escarpment overlooking the conservancy. Not a bad view for a prolonged meal.

News on the Loita migration, they are moving back into the OMC from the east after only having left a week ago. There are some big herds scattered all over the eastern OMC currently and lots more wildebeest calves have been born.

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3 months ago  ·  

Olare the young male son of Fig. Yesterday he was at the bottom end of the Eseketah valley near the escarpment road. He was very relaxed despite there being lions nearby.

More great news on the OMC leopards, Tito the leopardess with the two cubs was found again last evening after a worrying absence. She was back on the Olkuroto River. She still has both cubs with her!

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3 months ago  ·  

OMC update-

One of Eseketah pride lionesses has finally brought her new cubs off the escarpment. This is now the 5th lioness with cubs from three different prides currently on the OMC!! Great news for a species who's numbers are plummeting.

Olare the young male leopard (Fig's son) is currently on the upper Hammerkop Stream.

Photo below of Musiara after a successful hunt, she is one of the adult female cheetah which are currently on the OMC.

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3 months ago  ·  

An update from the OMC-

There are still plenty of zebra, topi and gazelle on the conservancy and some good sized herds of wildebeest scattered across the plains.

The many gazelles that are part of the Loita migration have attracted cheetah.

Musiara is currently near OB hill where she killed a young Thompson's gazelle yesterday. Selenkei, Imani's daughter has moved back north towards Motorogi again. Another female cheetah has been around the central-south conservancy this past few days, this may be Malkia.

Yesterday was a day full of 'cat-tricks' with leopard, lion and cheetah sightings all within a couple of kilometers of one another.

Photo below of one of the Oldikidiki lionesses having a stretch. Have a relaxing weekend!!

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